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It all began at the age of five when I received a transistor radio as a gift…little did I know that less than 20 years later, I'd be hooked with that radio virus in my blood! I started in radio in 1987 at this very radio station. It was a part time gig, working Sunday nights from 6 p.m. till midnight. That grew into full time, then I bounced around the area at various radio stations until that dreaded burn-out occurred.

Then while working at a job totally unrelated to radio, I learned something about myself: I absolutely love radio! I couldn't stay away and began working part time at a couple of radio stations in the area until I learned that Dick Steele-the Legend-was retiring and WCSJ was looking for its next morning host.

That was in 1999 and to this day I continue to enjoy being the morning host at WCSJ. This is by far the best and most rewarding radio job that I have had. Now, after all these years in radio, and having been both born and raised in Grundy County, I am home.